“Pallet Loading” – A Definition


Ever wondered what the dispatcher was thinking when they are 1500 miles away from the actual load? I’ve thought about it a lot in the past, “what the h*** were they thinking?!” So here is a quick refresher course or definition of that the dispatcher was thinking:

Dispatcher: “Just put the pallets in straight!” Meaning: Usually a lighter than normal load, maybe 30,000 to 35,000 lb load.

Dispatcher: “May have to turn the pallets sideways, straight in!” Meaning: Usually a light load of low paying lettuce, etc. Put as many of those suckers in the trailer and load boxes to the roof! Need to make a profit somehow!

Dispatcher: “Gonna have to Pinwheel the pallets!” Meaning: Got a full load of bananas or toilet paper in a narrow container, close to maximum weight. Still need to make a little money on this load!

Dispatcher: “Gonna have to load double – single, double – single! Meaning: This load is close or over legal weight and we want you to spend 8 hours, loading, weighing and reloading to get the load legal! And by the way, company is going to give you an extra $10 for your troubles!


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