Month: September 2006

Big Changes at The Trucking Blog

This week I will be making some changes to The Trucking Blog. I have found it necessary to change hosting companies that hosts this blog. I have used Blogger for over a year for my blog and it has worked out well. Because of several issues including the increased popularity of the site, storage and media management, I will be host this blog on a service that offers me more freedom with bringing quality posts and items to the trucking community. It will streamline my site and make it more accessable to everyone.

The new web address or URL will be Be sure to note the domain is a .WS and not a .COM site. Please bookmark my site for future visits.

I will continue to use the Blogger service and the url for the time being. I will make duplicate post’s at each site.

Thanks for reading and be safe!



It’s Sunday, Can we talk Sports?

I thought since it was Sunday, I could talk a little sports. My focus today isn’t on Nascar, nor is on the dismal performance of the US Ryder Cup Golf Team who lost to the European team again! No, I’d like to give a big “atta boy” to Trevor Hoffman of the MLB Team, San Diego Padres! Trevor doesn’t seem to get any attention. With the likes of “newcomer” David Wells to the team and the great catcher Mike Piazza, Trevor sits just outside of the limelite. I think Mr. Hoffman is one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history. Sure, you can talk about greats like Clemens or Johnson, but Trevor Hoffman is the “Cal Ripken, Jr.” of pitching. He has consistancy, dedication and a great role model for younger generation players. Who else could you play AC/DC’s Hell’s Bell’s to every time they came into the game. If you haven’t experienced a “Trevor Hoffman” entry, what a sight!

Trevor Hoffman is about to make MLB history! Last night he got his 42nd save of the season and ties an all time record of 478 saves! Trevor along could be the biggest reason for the San Diego Padres success this year. I first took notice of this phenomenon about 10 years ago when I lived in San Diego. I have been attending Padres games for the past 30 years and I can truly say that I am a lifelong fan. Sure I live in Seattle now, but what has Bill B. given the Mariners? A lot of Southern California headaches if you ask me! But that’s a subject for another time and place.

Thank you Trevor for many years of dedication and great baseball. Even if the Padres are loosing, it’s still fun to watch him perform his magic! Good luck in the playoffs and I hope to see the team in the World Series!


Truckers Cool Search Tool!

I’ve added another search tool to The Trucking Blog. It’s called Swicki! What is Swicki? Swicki is a platform for publishers and bloggers to add relevant search content to their sites. In everyday terms, it’s a way to search the most popular categories on the web. I tried it out and placed links like Pro Miles, Flying J, Software, Trucking Singles and others. When you click on the search term, you are taken to a results page that is relevant to the Trucking Blog. For instance, if you click on the “Petro” link, Petro Truck Stops will lead the list of search results. Everything that has to do with Petro Truck Stops will be listed first. After the Petro results, you will find other information related to that topic, ie: truck stops, truck stop directories, etc. This is a cool tool and is totally free to use!

If you are a company that would like to advertise on my site, please click the following link HERE. Your company name will be listed in the “Search Term Tree” and a regular listing will also be included. If you are a company that provides software or other trucking services, we welcome your ad’s. You can get more information on rates, etc. by clicking HERE.

You will find Swicki! to the right and at the bottom of my blog page.

We hope you enjoy this new tool!


Lower Fuel Prices?

I recently took a road trip to Spokane, Washington recently and was astonished at the price difference of regular unleaded fuel. When I left Seattle, I fueled at an AM/PM gas station. The price for unleaded last Saturday was $2.569. I was relieved to see it only took $60. to fill up the Dodge pickup. I drove approximately 150 miles and stopped at a Shell station along I-90 in central Washington. I didn’t get gas, but I noticed the price was a whopping $3.099 for regular unleaded! I politely asked the cashier why their gas prices were .50 cents per gallon higher than those in Seattle. The cashier informed me that they were unaware of the prices in the Seattle area and would look into adjusting their prices. I arrived in Spokane and noticed prices were a little better, but still averaged about .30 cents per gallon more than those in Seattle.

Prices for diesel did not change noticeably between Seattle and Spokane. Remeber 25 years ago when everyone was purchasing diesel fueled cars because the fuel was so much cheaper? What happened to diesel prices over the years? Is there an increased demand for diesel?

I have two new links in the right column today. I have linked directly to the AAA Daily Fuel Cost page and the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator. The daily fuel price page accurately states prices for all fuels in all 50 states. Diesel is located at the far right of the page. The fuel price calculator is geared toward automobiles. But you can still enter the information as “other” and enter your MPG. This will give you an estimated cost in “Regular Unleaded” prices. Figure that Diesel is about .30 cents per gallon more and that should give you a pretty good idea of what your trip will cost in fuel. For instance, I used the example of Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA, using “other” for vehicle and an average 6 MPG. The cost for the trip was approximately $987. dollars. The calculator does not take into consideration idle time, traffic, detours, contruction, etc. It is still a useful tool and I think it represents the rough costs very well.

When traveling to the northwest, fuel before entering Washington. Prices should be a little better near the coast if absolutely necessary. The same advice goes for California, fuel in Arizona or Nevada. Prices are still high throughout the state, and if necessary, fuel at a Pilot or Flying J to keep costs down.

I am not a fuel price expert, but I do pass along a little advice and personal experience when I have the opportunity.


(Note: As of 09/21/2006, Idaho and Washington have some of the highest fuel costs in the nation! California is .10 cents cheaper than Washington and .19 cents cheaper than Idaho. Source: AAA)

Upcoming Issue News

In the coming weeks I will be touching on a couple subjects that are important as we enter the winter season. I will be discussing winter driving, chain laws and hazmat rules. I think I will have my work cut out for me during the next few weeks.

My new job requires me to obtain a new, TSA hazmat endorsement. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, opinions and problems or success I encounter obtaining my endorsement. I let my original HM go when the new rules took effect early last year. I didn’t need it at the time and I have been running refer since then.

In addition to the new topics, I will be starting my new job in Seattle on Monday. My posts may be fewer and far between during the week, but I hope to catch up on the weekends. In the coming weeks I also expect to be purchasing a new Sony Vaio laptop, a mobile broadband card and a laptop stand for my truck. I would like to be able to stay in touch with the Trucking Blog community. I will be installing a webcam to the computer also. The videos I capture will be available for viewing on YouTube and will give you an idea of the places I travel on a weekly basis.

If you have any thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions, complaints or want to cover a subject, please feel free to e-mail me HERE.

Have a great day and be safe!