Month: May 2008

How Safe are You?

I watched a driver today walk 100 yards to get a cup of coffee. He then proceeded to walk another 100 yards in the opposite direction to get something at the local WalMart. After a little while, the driver came back to his truck, got in and drove off. He had been at the same location overnight and didn’t appear concerned about the condition of his truck or the tires.

I was just wondering why after all the effort to get his cup of morning coffee and his “supplies”, why he didn’t take just 5 minutes to do a walk around his truck. It just would have made a little more sense while he was already outside the truck. Oh, I get it, he’s got one of those new self checking trucks I see on the road. Hmmmm, that now makes more sense.


Sad News in Oregon

This news flash came across the wires just moments ago at 0221 AM:

“Oregon State Police: Hwy closure. Hwy 97 at mp 191 closed temporarily due to head on fatal crash involving two semi trucks. Both vehicles on fire. OSP, ODOT and fire units on scene. No further info at this time.”

Please keep the drivers and drivers families in your prayers. I just came through this area several hours ago and it was snowing and the wind was very strong. I can’t even imagine how the scene is right now, but please be careful. My gut wrenches when I hear of an accident like this.