Month: June 2007

Looking for Trucking and Travel Related Pictures

I had an idea today while I was driving down the road. I would like to post and publish your trucking or travel related pictures on The Trucking Blog. If you have a picture of you and your truck, just your truck, your spouse or co-driver and your truck or a great photo of your travels along our highways, I would like you to send them in to me for consideration. I would like to post photos not only from the United States, but photos from around the world.

All that we ask is that the photos you send in for consideration be family friendly, trucking or travel related and of good taste. We will have to reject any photos we deem objectionable to our general viewing audience.

Please send your trucking or travel related photos with a brief description to Thanks!

***UPDATE 07/24/2007***

If you would like to write a story or contribute to this blog, please drop me a line at the above email address and let me know what you would like to contribute or write about. Thanks again!