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“Pallet Loading” – A Definition


Ever wondered what the dispatcher was thinking when they are 1500 miles away from the actual load? I’ve thought about it a lot in the past, “what the h*** were they thinking?!” So here is a quick refresher course or definition of that the dispatcher was thinking:

Dispatcher: “Just put the pallets in straight!” Meaning: Usually a lighter than normal load, maybe 30,000 to 35,000 lb load.

Dispatcher: “May have to turn the pallets sideways, straight in!” Meaning: Usually a light load of low paying lettuce, etc. Put as many of those suckers in the trailer and load boxes to the roof! Need to make a profit somehow!

Dispatcher: “Gonna have to Pinwheel the pallets!” Meaning: Got a full load of bananas or toilet paper in a narrow container, close to maximum weight. Still need to make a little money on this load!

Dispatcher: “Gonna have to load double – single, double – single! Meaning: This load is close or over legal weight and we want you to spend 8 hours, loading, weighing and reloading to get the load legal! And by the way, company is going to give you an extra $10 for your troubles!



Really Resession Proof? (Not Really)

Is a job as a truck driver really recession proof? Not really if you are working for a company that continually hires new recruits and manages to keep the cost of maintaining that driver at the absolute lowest cost. After 10 years of driving and only a .10 cent per mile increase over those 10 years, I’ve often wondered why I stayed in the industry as long as I did. I was never a union driver, although I worked for some major players in the trucking industry.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve taken on some odd jobs to pay the bills and navigate my way through the worst economic times since the great depression. I still look back at my experiences and places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the history I’ve witnessed over those 10 years. I wouldn’t give those years up for anything, it really broadened my eyes to what our country is all about.

In the next few months, I will continue to write more articles in my blog about my new experiences in the trucking industry. I will be negotiating freight rates, hiring trucking companies, working with O/O’s, and doing a little dispatching along the way. My intent is to work as a “driver friendly” freight broker agent / dispatcher, working to pass along fair rates to the drivers who deserve it the most. My goal is to work with a broker who feels strongly the same in bringing fair rates to the independent driver and smaller trucking companies. I’d like to gather a group of dedicated O/O’s and help them boost their bottom lines by finding great freight for those small business owners. With my vast knowledge of the trucking industry, I feel I can be a great asset to those independent drivers.

Please drop me a note or comment on this post if you are interested in my services. We should be up and running the second week of March, 2014. I look to be hearing from you! Thanks!

Update on the Trucking Brief

A lot of new things are on the horizon for this blog and the Trucking Brief! I was sitting at a truck stop in Montana waiting for word on a back haul to Seattle and I found a great new piece of software that is going to revolutionize online publishing and blogging as we know it. Great new templates, editing features and very user friendly components. I won’t name the software or the host yet, but it will certainly change the look of this blog in the very near future.

In response to these new changes, I am looking for trucking and non-trucking individuals who either have blogs or have thought about having blogs and would like to write for the Trucking Brief! As of this post, details of compensation, etc. haven’t been worked out, but I am sure it will be set up on an advertising revenue percentage model. Basically, I am looking for individuals who would like to “invest” a little hard work and effort writing for the Trucking Brief in return for future revenues generated from the site. One great site that operates on this model is They have been doing it for years and have become quite successful in what they publish.

I am looking for writers for the following immediate subjects: Safety, Life on the Road, Truck Stop Reviews, Product Reviews, Load Broker Issues (John?), Rookie Driving Life, Rookie Driver Training, Million Mile Club, Drivers Health Issues, Truck Driver Careers, O/O Perspectives, Company Owner Corner, New Truck Reviews, Trucking Around the World, Legislative Issues, State Trucking Issues, Trucking Law, and many others I can’t list. If you have an idea, please submit it to me by leaving a comment on this post.

You do not have to be an expert writer, nor do you need a college degree to do this. I am looking for honest, hard working people who want to contribute to the trucking industry through their thoughts and opinions about the industry. I anticipate a working sample or unfinished site will be up and running within a couple of weeks. Please e-mail me at: