Month: November 2008

Recession Proof Career?

Well, you’ve heard me complain about the trucking industry, long hours, low pay and the stigmatism of being a professional truck driver. But is a career in trucking recession proof? With the recent drastic drop in fuel prices, trucking on the west coast seems to be getting stronger on a daily basis. The company for which I work for just took delivery on a dozen or so brand new Pete’s with all of the bells and whistles. Someone must think that this economy isn’t so bad.

I can remember some advise my father gave me about 30 years ago. He said if I wanted a steady career, and a job that withstood hard economic times, go to work for a grocery store. No matter how bad things get, you still have to put food on the table for your family. You can bypass purchasing that new car or upgrading to a bigger house, but you can’t go too long without food. If it gets so bad that you can’t afford food, the government will step in and provide you with a food “credit” card.

Hence, here I am, delivering juice like it was going out of style and hauling potatoes, (Tater Freighter), to fast food warehouses like potatoes were the last staple left on earth. I am beginning to figure out the fact that when people get depressed, they tend to eat, eat and did I mention eat.

I feel for the people who are in the automotive industry, or just lost their jobs because of the economic downturn. Trucking is the only industry besides healthcare that has a severe shortage of qualified workers. The days of being gone or away from home are rapidly going be the wayside. With the increasing demand for qualified drivers, most drivers with any type of experience are able to write their own ticket. I’ve found out recently that I don’t have to worry about working harder, because if I don’t get treated fairly at my current job, there are at least 1,000 other trucking jobs within 350 miles of my house that need qualified drivers.

Not only are their openings for drivers, but support staff, dispatchers, load planners, brokers, shipping agents, customs brokers, etc., are all in short supply. For anyone graduating college this year or anyone looking to change careers, give the shipping and transportation industry a try. You can check out a web site of mine that allows you to do a simple search for available trucking and transportation jobs at Good luck, the trucking industry just may be recession proof.