Month: September 2007

Freightliner Cascadia – Ok, I get it!

Apparently I was asleep when the new Freightliner Cascadia was rolled off the production line. Maybe I wasn’t invited to the official unveiling or maybe Freightliner forgot to market their newest truck in the Northwest! For such fanfare and glee at their new truck, I am surprised I haven’t seen the Cascadia in any form of advertisement, nor have I seen any of these “beauties” at my local Freightliner dealership.

I did happen to see a Swift truck pulling a Wal-Mart trailer in southern Montana yesterday. I think the tractor that was pulling the load was a new Cascadia. I’ll have to admit, the design features and aerodynamic look of the truck with full side fairings actually looks pretty good. I think the one I saw in Portland the other day was a stripped down, basic model with no features. It still reminds me of the T2000 though. You would think that the designers at Freightliner would have just a hint of originality.