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Mid-west Weather Blues


Check out the new features.

I’ve added some new and updated features to the Trucking Blog. The coolest feature is just in time for the severe weather season. I know that keeping track of the weather is a huge factor for keeping trucks safe in severe weather. We have added a video feature from that updates automatically as weather changes. Severe weather watch boxes, tornado warnings, hurricane watches, weather maps, weather radar and daily forecasts are available at your fingertips from your computer. This feature is especially useful if you have a laptop in your truck and a high speed, wireless internet connection. I don’t suggest using this feature while you are driving, of course, but it is useful when you are about to embark on a trip or you are stopped for a rest break. The basic service is completely free and is updated as conditions warrant.

Look for this latest feature about half way down the page in the right sidebar area of the Trucking Blog. If you have any suggestions or features we can add to the blog, please leave a comment on the bottom of this post and I’ll look into adding that feature.

Storms on horizon poised to cause havoc!

Weed, CA – Calm before the blizzard!

I couldn’t help but to share this photo that I took this morning in Weed, California. If you notice the truck on the left, on a normal day, you would be able to see the towering Mt. Shasta that rises over 14,000 feet on the southeast side of Weed.

When I took this photo, the wind was howling at a sustained rate of at least 40 MPH with gusts of 50 t0 60 MPH. The snow was starting to come down horizontally and it proved to be a difficult day for snow removal crews. The National Weather Service issued a severe winter warning for the area and stated that the series of storms expected to hit Northern California were expected to create a “momentous” event. Several Feet of snow are predicted for the area through Sunday morning. As of about 2 PM PST, I5 was shut down because of difficult and hazardous driving conditions. It was unknown if the freeway was later reopened.

Drivers are asked to check the California Department of Transportation website, CALTRANS, or call the road condition information line for updates on conditions along I5 and also I80 over Donner Summit. If your load doesn’t have to deliver this weekend, it might be a good idea to rent a hotel room and wait the storm out. This series of storms is expected to be one of the worst seen in several years. Also, before traveling north on I5 or east on I80, commercial drivers MUST have the maximum number of chains for their vehicle or risk being turned around and possibly be fined.

Good luck, drive slow and drive safe!