Those Insane Truck Drivers

Over the past few months, I have heard several talking points in the current presidential campaign. One of the phrases I continue to hear almost on a daily basis makes me wonder about my own situation as a driver.

Have you heard the phrase: “The definition of insanity is someone doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”? Of course, they have used this phrase to describe the current president, and of course, congress. Today, I heard the phrase again and a light bulb went on. Isn’t that what I am doing in the truck? Why did I decide to become a professional driver? I can remember those first days of trucking school and hearing the stories about how much a truck driver could make on the road. If you were a team, well then, you were set for life. I can remember a couple companies out of Tennessee that came to our school and promised a team could make over $100,000. a year or more! By those calculations, you and your partner could retire in about 15 years with over a million dollars in the bank. LOL. Oh sure! It makes me laugh at what we believed when the recruiters visited our school. What did I know, I was struggling to make $20,000. a year as a transportation supervisor. Anything in the $40,000. to $50,000. range would be great. Oh sure!

That brings me to my point. For the past 10 1/2 years, I have worked for a handful of companies, each unique to their own, but promising to pay the best wage and keeping me busy. Almost every company I have worked for has promised more miles than I could shake a stick at, I was going to make great money. The last two weeks have really made me look at changing careers. Two weeks ago, the company I work for had the slowest week in their history. There have even been rumors that they are falling on hard financial times due to higher fuel prices and lower freight rates. I continue to drive a truck for yet another company, put in endless hours away from family and friends, and still expect that trucking is going to get me out of debt. I continue doing the same thing over and over and over and expect a different or better result.

Yep, I think I am definitely insane! LOL

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  1. Most smart people get out of the boat BEFORE it glides over the waterfall. BUT, our current economy is NOT a slow boat headed for certain destruction.

    I’m not an economist but I know the vibrancy of our economy and the people. Things cycle UP and down.

    Yes, it may seem like you are on a one-way road to insanity. But, there WILL BE opportunities and you need to keep the faith and remain alert and ready to act.

    These uncertain times should make everyone a bit more humble, a bit more inclined to learn more and a LOT MORE smarter if you understand the nature of cycles.

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