Revenue Generating System

A Revenue Generating System – sounds like several emails I receive on a daily basis. Somebody tries to get me to click on a link taking me to the greatest money making system on the net. Does this sound familiar?

You’d think that I was going to talk about a great money making opportunity or a plan to really generate a tremendous amount of money. Well, I am, sort of. But what I am talking about isn’t something you can find on the net. It’s not even anything you could find searching Yahoo or Google. Are you intrigued yet? Do I have you wondering what could be such a great “Revenue Generating System”?

Well here it is, the greatest revenue generating system in the world and it is geared towards the trucking community, it’s the local Department of Transportation / State Police Scale House / Weigh Station! Whoopie! Why do they even call it a scale house or weigh station anymore? Do they actually care that the truck is overweight anymore? I am sure that they do, but you have to be so grossly overweight that it makes it worth the dot officers time to pull you in. They should call it the Log Book Enforcement Center, or something to that effect.

Remember in days past, the “Weigh Station” was actually used to weigh trucks so they didn’t overload our highways and bridges. It wasn’t so much a safety deal as it was a roadway protection deal. When did it become the state dot’s job to slap exorbitant fines on truck drivers. It really has moved away from a safety issue, to a way of states and counties to entrap unsuspecting drivers into “Scale Houses” to slap huge fines on the drivers. Do you think that large trucking companies would stand for large fines if they were responsible for the fines? They would take the jurisdiction involved into court so fast, that the local scale house would shut down. Why is it a truckers burden to bail out a counties financial woes by paying $500 – $1500 – $3000 – $6250 in fines for something as simple as a logbook mistake? Get an overweight fine in California or Oregon and pay about $150 to $180 bucks. Forgetting to sign a log sheet or miss flagging an Oregon scale and pay upwards of $1,000 to $1,800 dollars in fines, be shut down for 10 hours and miss two days work! Does this sound like a great “Revenue Generating System” to you? Probably not, but for the thousands of DOT Scales around the country, it’s a real “Cash Cow”!


  1. James B., u seem to be “fixated” on truck accidents. Why? And, regarding scales – do you have Prepass? Are you an OOIDA member?
    The morons and pinheads who choose to work in those boring little huts and weigh truck and check logbooks tend to leave you alone when they see OOIDA stickers. Shakespeare said kill all the lawyers. I say liquidate
    everyone who works for the DOT.


  2. Hey VGrumpy,

    Thanks for the comments. I don’t really have a fixation on truck accidents. I’ve seen a rash of deadly accidents in the Northwest over the past week and it needs to be pointed out. We aren’t even into the winter driving season and at least 8 drivers have died this week.

    Also, having PrePass in Oregon isn’t a free pass to go by all scales. I get the red light at least one or two times a month in Oregon. And I usually get pulled into the scales that don’t have PrePass. Our company has a Safer Score that is in the top 4% of the safest companies on the road. So, go figure, I guess because we drive fancy trucks, we can afford the fines.

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