Hard to Stay in the Truck

Last night I visited the Alamo Petro Truck Stop in Sparks (Reno), Nevada. I had a little spare time while waiting for a load and I thought I would do a load of laundry and order a meal at the restaurant. To my surprise, when all was said and done, I spent almost $30 dollars on a horrible chicken dinner, two coffee drinks from the c-store and three loads of wash! I didn’t put any money in the slot machines, nor did I buy anything else while I was there. Laundry cost $10.50 cents for three loads!

Am I missing something here? Where on earth did the trucking industry, more specifically truck stop conglomerates, feel it was ok to gouge truck drivers? It’s hard enough to work a 70 hour work week and be broke! I spent over $12 dollars for a meal that had to be cooked over because the cook burnt the first order. I was watching the clock and it took almost 45 minutes for my order to finally reach my table. When I asked for an adjustment to my bill for the delay of my meal, the server had an astonished look on her face and felt I wasn’t due any type of a discount. After threatening to walk out and leave my to-go order behind, she reluctantly gave me a 10% senior discount (wink, wink). I didn’t complain to the manager, nor did I make a scene, I just figure I would write about my horrible experience at the Alamo Petro Truck Stop in Sparks, Nevada in my blog. I’ve reached out to about 24,000 fellow truckers in the past year, so word of mouth really does work.

I can’t complain about this truck stop or the next one down the road, because they are pretty much the same. What I can do is continue to avoid truck stops, only stopping at them for fuel, and stop at grocery stores, avoiding high truck stop prices.

I’ve already decided that after being a loyal truck driver for over 10 years, it is time to get off the road and do something else. I can’t continue to afford life on the road and have nothing, absolutely nothing to show for it. After the first of the year of 2009, I plan to say good-bye to overzealous DOT officers and price gouging truck stops for good!

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