They Still Don’t Get It

Hurray to the guys in Washington D.C. today who took part in the “drive in” protest over $4.00 dollar per gallon diesel. You won’t find this story on CNN, MSNBC or your local news station. The only network to give 30 seconds to the cause was Fox News. The Olympic Torch was dedicated about 5 hours of breaking news time on CNN yesterday, yet almost no time was given to the subject of high fuel prices. I guess I should stop watching CNN for a while.

The reason for this post is because I heard something totally absurd. A commentator on CNN’s morning show, can’t remember his name, was talking about how he thought the cost of shipping, yes I said shipping, was going to come down. His thought was because more people couldn’t afford higher gas prices, that they would tend to order more products online and have them delivered by FedEx Ground! Huh? What? Did I hear him right? I didn’t want to embarrass this guy because I thought maybe he had a medical condition not allowing him to think straight, or maybe he thought high fuel prices was a big joke. I am sure someone in his position can joke about fuel prices because he’s forgotten how to even pump gas into his own car. He’s probably got a limo or a driver who takes care of those details for him. Heck, he probably makes so much money at his job, he probably has a nice portfolio of oil company stock. Does this guy even know how his groceries get to his supermarket shelf? Oops, I forgot, this guy makes so much money that his housekeeper does the shopping and his accountant pays the bills.

UPS actually reported today that they have seen a drop in shipping and expect the cost of shipping to rise because of higher fuel prices. The bleak picture that I see is higher shipping costs because of fuel prices, higher prices at the supermarket because of higher shipping costs and fewer people buying online because they just can’t afford it, PERIOD!


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