It was Bound to Happen

After several years of missed opportunities, CB talk and little action, the truckers slowdown seems to be gaining steam across the country. When fuel prices rose above $1.50 per gallon about 8 years ago, there was talk that the independent trucking community was going to take a stand and vent their displeasure at rising fuel prices. The idea of bringing trucking to a stop or conducting some sort of organized strike never blossomed like it did this week.

I have read news reports across the nation about truckers slowing down, parking their rigs on busy highways and refusing to pick up loads. Reports from all over the Northwest have featured top stories in newspapers, radio stations and tv about the slowdown, including nationwide reporting on national news networks such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. It is amazing how word spreads and these movements pick up momentum.

This action or work slowdown couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve seen the oil executives on C-Span squirm in their seats trying to tell congress that a multi-billion dollar profit and record earnings were not unusual and they needed the money for upgrades to their facilities. The oil executives stated that they needed record profits because it was “expensive” to keep their operations going. Let me see, when I took Business 101 in college, a profit was defined as the money left over after expenses, am I right? So where does the $200 billion or so dollars go after expenses? Into the pockets of oil executives and stock holders. Remember those “oil speculators” I wrote about last year? They were driving up the price of oil on a hunch that prices would increase in the future, in other words futures trading.

Combine record fuel prices along with the greedy broker or lease company who charge a fuel surcharge but don’t pass it along to the independent trucker who deserves it the most, is the main reason why truckers are fed up. Not only do higher fuel prices hurt the trucking industry, it hurts us all as consumers in the long run.

I remember a post last year questioning why our President continued to say our economy was in great shape. I predicted milk prices that were higher than a gallon of fuel, I predicted that the cost of produce would double or triple and I also predicted that high fuel prices would throw us into a severe recession. Does our President even have a clue what is happening in our country? Does he even see past the silver lining of Washington, D.C.? I think most of our government, including Senators and Congressmen from both sides of the isle don’t have a clue to what is happening on the “street level”.

I applaud the truckers who took part in the work slowdown. I believe that maybe, just maybe someone in Washington, D.C. will be looking!

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