Rough Week in Eastern Oregon

To say that the Northwest has had it’s share of winter storms is an understatement to say the least! With over 8 times the normal snowfall so far this season, many truckers have found it difficult to traverse the Cascades towards the Seattle and Portland areas. Here are just a few pictures taken by the Oregon State Patrol over the past few days. Apparently the truck above was just plain tired and decided to lay down along side I84 on Cabbage Hill and take a nap!

This guy above had a heck of a time keeping his trailer upright as heavy winds on I84 along Cabbage Hill took him for a ride. The picture below was taken Tuesday along I84 a few miles east of Baker City, Oregon. Not a good day for those folks.

The unlucky driver of the truck below even chained up yesterday and took a ride down the side of a hill east of Baker City, Oregon. These are only a few of the numerous accidents involving trucks this week on I84. The biggest reason for these accidents is SPEED!! Personally, I have counted at least 8 big rigs off the road and into the ditch. Today, just east of the Farewell Bend POE, a D & D Trucking tractor and trailer were sitting off the road, jackknifed, and in the river. A few miles down, I noticed the aftermath of the picture below. When I got to the top of Ladd Canyon, a tanker truck, hauling acid, was on it’s side over the embankment. I was traveling at 55 MPH and it was really too fast for conditions. Even though conditions were almost “white out”, I was passed by several trucks that were easily traveling at least 65 or 70 MPH. Please SLOW down, no load is worth dieing for!


  1. Love the blog! I’ll be linking it to mine as soon as I get it all up and running. I’m not a trucker just yet, but I am getting into the industry – I’m going to Salt Lake City in 2 weeks to train. I wanted to do this for so long and now I am finally going – with no doubts in my mind.

    You can check out what’s there so far if you want:


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