OR DOT Hard at It

Oregon DOT is at it again. I suppose it is for our own good, but if you plan on taking a little trip through the state of Oregon, make sure your paperwork is in order and you have flagged all of your recent scale crossings. It seems as if the scale crossing issue has put several dozen trucks out of service the past few weeks. Today, the Farewell Bend crossing in eastern Oregon had at least 6 trucks shut down because of various log book issues. Yes, in Oregon, you MUST flag all scale crossings whether or not you are from Oregon or not. They just like to cause problems for those out-of-stater’s. Trust me, I get pulled in at least once a week between Oregon, Washington and Montana.

It used to be said that we had an “emphasized enforcement” period around the first week of June throughout the United States. It seems like Oregon forgot to read the memo on that one and decided to implement it when “revenues” were low. You know, Oregon likes out-of-stater’s quite a bit. They can’t contest their tickets as easily as a local. Trust me again, I got hammered three years ago for $180. dollars and it still comes back to haunt me. So if you are behind me in the state of Oregon and I’m only doing 55, please don’t cuss, yell at me on the radio or try to force me off the road, I am only trying to do my part and keep Oregon’s freeways safe! And if you believe that last sentence, I’ve got some “cheap” swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you. Oh, and please don’t give me the little courtesy blink when I don’t give you the lights to come back over when you pass. It’s my opinion that you are taking the chance on driving like an idiot and speeding, I guess you’ll just have to take that chance that you have cleared my front bumper when you do pass.

I know I sound a little irritated, but my life is drained. I am tired and the joy of driving for a living has long passed. With fuel prices skyrocketing, cost of living on the road outrageous, my health deteriorating and wages plummeting, I just don’t feel like driving for a living anymore. If anyone has any advice or job offers, please pass them along to me by sending me an email. Otherwise, have a great week and be safe!

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