Comments about LA Accident

After the flames were put out and the smoke cleared, at least three people lost their lives in the horrific accident on I-5 in Los Angeles Yesterday. One thing that clearly annoyed me was the “pin headed”, close minded comment that I received yesterday from an anonymous reader. The reader asked if this was caused by a Mexican Trucker! What a bigoted question! I am not Hispanic, but as a Caucasian, I took great offense by someone asking such a question and jumping to conclusions of what caused the crash. I assume he was the same type of driver who is all of a sudden an expert at everything when he jumps on the CB radio. He is also the same type of person who has a negative opinion about every subject.

I would assume that the accident was caused by speed and the wet conditions at the scene. This 200 foot tunnel is a death trap and should be closed immediately. There is no need for a special truck bypass on this stretch of freeway. The tunnel was built with an approximate 5% grade with a sweeping “S” turn at the end of the tunnel. Just not a practical design for today’s freeway. If anyone should be upset is the proponents of equal speed limits for trucks and four wheelers.

Whatever the cause of the accident, we must remember those who lost their lives were human beings. They probably all had families and will be terribly missed by those left behind. The people who were injured will always have the scars and pain caused by this accident.

If you weren’t affected by this tragedy, maybe you need to search your soul and read the following article about a wife and kids who talked to their father on the phone just seconds before the crash. He was a grocery driver who was returning home from a trip. He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was trapped by the flames. The wife and kids held vigil at the scene until their fathers truck was pulled from the tunnel. He is suspected of being one of the unfortunate drivers killed. Read the article here: Family Holds Roadside Vigil For Missing Trucker.

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