Rain, Slick Pavement and a Dark Tunnel

(Mike Meadows / Associated Press)
According to the LA Times, at least 5 trucks were involved in this fiery crash along I-5 near the Antelope Freeway Interchange. At least 10 injuries and one person is still missing as of this post.

CHP is advising, requiring, all trucks to take CA126 to Ventura and down US101 to get to LA. An alternate route is CA58 at Bakersfield south. You can take CA58 to US395 and head south at Four Corners. This route will take you to I-15 south to inland Southern California, ie: San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego. CHP is expecting I-5 to be shut down throughout the weekend because of structural damage to the truck tunnel.

Be Safe, Be Alert and pray for those fellow truck drivers who may be hurt or still missing from this tragic accident in Los Angeles today.

You can read more about this accident at the Los Angeles Times.

Update: As of 11:18 AM, CHP officials confirmed 2 fatalities in this tragic accident. Unknown if they were truck drivers or four wheelers.

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  1. Did this involve or was it caused by any of the Mexican trucks now being allowed on California’s freeways? Or by another unlicensed Mexican national truck driver? If so, this is only the beginning.

  2. Was not sure if my comment went through or not but does anybody know if this was caused by any of the Mexican trucks now allowed here on the highways? What caused this accident?

    I’m sorry for those families who lost someone in this trucking accident.

  3. What annoys me about the last comment is that everyone wants to jump to conclusions and wonder if it’s a Mexican trucker! Obviously Anonymous has never driven the freeways of Los Angeles. This tunnel, especially the south bound side is notorious for bad accidents since it was built over 40 years ago. Well before the Mexican Trucker.

    Bystanders and witnesses say that they saw a “Yellow” truck explode in the tunnel, thus creating the huge accident. I wonder if anyone has thought that this was a terrorist act? Hmmmmmm!

    I have driven that stretch of road hundreds of times and can witness that if your not going 70 MPH, you will get run over! I wonder if anyone thought that this may have been caused by a rig or car that was disabled? Hmmmmmm!

    Why don’t we stop, pray for those injured or killed, and let the CHP do their job before jumping to conclusions Mr. Anonymous!

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