Day: Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What If?

I think I have been listening to too much late night talk radio lately. It might be the “doomsday” predictors or the chicken littles of the world that have made me take a closer look at our nations security and what it means to be a truck driver in today’s world.

I couldn’t help to notice a little “homestead” along the Clark Fork River in western Montana yesterday. The land was beautiful, the scenery was spectacular and there was a small home sitting in the middle of a couple acres along the river. It wasn’t much to notice, the home was a fifties style mobile home that apparently had been in the same place since the 1950’s! It didn’t fit in well with the multi-million dollar fishing retreats and church camps that dot the landscape along the river. One thing I did notice was the way the people who owned the trailer lived. They were very self reliant and seemed to live the way the pioneers did 100 years ago. They had a large garden of corn and lettuce, a couple of cows and an endless supply of water and fish from the river. The reason I noticed this is because I got to thinking of what would happen if we were cutoff from the rest of the world. How would we eat, how would we get fuel, how our economy would fare if something in the middle east flared up again. Would you or your family be able to fend for themselves in case our food or fuel supply were cut off? I was impressed that this little ranch was able to grow food and seemed to be prepared for a disaster.

I know that this is a tough subject to think about, but what if something catastrophic happened in your city or town. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a terrorist incident, it could happen with a natural disaster or weather event. I know for myself that I am rethinking my own preparedness for such an event. I know sometimes there isn’t much we can do, but at least we can try to prepare for the inevitable.