Is it a Freightliner, Volvo or KW?

Actually, it’s a 2008 Tfreighstarvolvinator truck! A what?! Yep, I was driving north on I5 yesterday through Portland and I saw this jewel of a truck being towed toward the Freightliner plant north of the city.

How did I come up with a name like Tfreighstarvolvinator? Well, just leave it to those un-original, un-inspiring engineering design geniuses at Freightliner. No, say it’s not so Freightliner! Is this really the new 2008 Columbia? Or is this just a prototype of whats to come? At least one thing is true, if you are on the fence about buying a Freightliner, Volvo, KW T2000 or Western Star, this truck is for you!

I can’t help to point out the similarities between the new Columbia and other trucks on the road. First of all, the headlights and front fenders on this truck look like they were taken off a Volvo 660 series truck. Look at the CB antenna mounts and rear view side mirrors, they look like they were removed from a KW T2000 and attached to this Freightliner. The absence of side fairings and the rounded rear cab look like they took elements from their Western Star and incorporated them into the Columbia. The most horrific design feature in my opinion is the missing air dam visor over the front windshield. Now you have five amber lights where the mounts for the visor should be. Look how the windshield just sticks out with no design features whatsoever!

I only hope that this is a prototype and not an actual production model. I would be very disappointed at Freightliner if they kept this design. Sorry Freightliner!


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