Only in Seattle!

During the past month, I have struggled with writers block, running hard and not being able to keep up with my writing of the Trucking Blog. Summer is finally over and fall is upon us. The crisp air of fall brings changing colors, freezing nights, shorter days and knowing winter is only around the corner.

In the light of the moment, I ran across an interesting subject on a local Seattle radio station recently. The story was more about things to do on the last weekend of summer in the Seattle area. One of the events last weekend was the unveiling of the South Lake Union Trolley. Yep, that is what they named it, the official name of the S.L.U.T. What were they thinking? I got quite a laugh out of the radio station mentioning the event. I later read about the S.L.U.T. in the Seattle PI a few days later. The article made light of the acronym and the new trolley itself. Ridership and the jokes seemed to go on for days. Such noticeable accounts and phrases attributed to the Trolley were things such as: Where’s the S.L.U.T.? Does anyone know when the S.L.U.T. arrives? How many people are expected to ride the S.L.U.T.? How much does the S.L.U.T. charge? And more! Oh well, we have to laugh at what our leaders find important or their oversight of the simplest things.

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting winter driving tips, chain laws and start transitioning toward the dreaded winter driving season.


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