Clarification of the Mexican Trucking Issue

A few weeks ago I welcomed the influx of Mexican trucking companies who were expected to take over our roads this month. Has anyone actually seen one of these trucks? I was astonished at the outcry of other drivers, trucking companies and the unions over the entry of Mexican trucks into the United States. It amazes me that other professional drivers actually still believe that Mexican drivers will take our jobs! I have to tell you, I don’t believe for a second that our DOT would grant permission for Mexican trucks to enter our highways if they didn’t think they were safe.

I travel all over the Northwest and see some of the most unsafe trucks I have seen anywhere in the United States. I see US carriers and Canadian carriers alike who enter the United States with trucks that probably aren’t worthy of our roads and highways.

I think the reason for such a push to allow the Mexican trucks on our roads is purely economic. The company I work for has had a terrible time hiring drivers in the Seattle area. The wages are good, the hours are great and the home time is unbeatable. Why is it so hard for our company and dozens of others in the area to hire drivers? The union backed companies are even having a hard time hiring drivers. When Swift, USX, Schneider, JB Hunt and others can’t hire enough drivers, they need to do something to get the freight to move. One solution was to fast track the Mexican trucks into the United States. JB Hunt’s stock was up over 4% at the end of last week! Other trucking company stocks were at higher levels too. When the cost of fuel is hovering at an all time high of $84 dollars a barrel, one would think that stock prices for trucking companies would go down.

I firmly believe that the reason the Mexican trucks are on the road today are because of pressures from shippers that they need more trucks to ramp up for the holiday season. It is no coincidence that this month the trucks entered the USA. Christmas freight is already in the warehouse and about to hit the road if it hasn’t already.

The only thing that concerns me about Mexican trucks or Canadian trucks for that matter is security issues. When the TSA and Customs only inspect about 1% of trucks or containers that enter this country, it concerns me any time freight enters this country.


  1. Mexican trucks are not supposed to be hauling US to US freight. But that’s the fear of a lot of people of what is going to happen and why the Mexican trucks are being allowed in no matter what. No one enforces cabotage rules now, so there’s nothing to stop shippers / brokers that break the rules.

    Companies aren’t trying hard enough to hire drivers. If the money is good and they still can’t hire drivers, it must not be good enough. Pay enough and they will come, just look at the Ice Road.

    Wages have been going up, but there is still too much downward pressure that keeps rates and wages down.

    A lot of drivers are sitting and waiting for days in some places. If shippers wanted to ship their stuff bad enough, they would pay for deadhead, but they’re not.

  2. Actually James, security is only a concern to those that cannot think of anything else to bitch about.

    Every trailer, every container that enters this country through Laredo goes though passive radiation scanners, as does every car and every pedestrian that crosses into this country. Therefore, I see no way that a dirty bomb or nuclear device could enter the country.

    Illegals, dtugs and such do not come across our southern border. They are walked across strapped to peoples bodies (and they’re usually caught) smuggled across the river and stored in safe houses until some American Trucker can be found looking for quick bucks. These guys seem to get caught regularly at the interior border check stations.

    The issue of national security is nothing more than a smokescreen thrown out by the critics of this program to put fear into the hearts of the sheeple. And it’s working.

    The truth of the matter is, the Teamsters, 1.4 million members strong, OOIDA, 160,000 members strong, are afraid of a little competition from less than 100 Mexican trucks belonging to 40 Mexican carriers.

    Go figure.

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