Here come the Mexican Trucks

Dé la bienvenida a nuestro carro mexicano que conduce a amigos. ¡Le damos la bienvenida a los Estados Unidos y le deseamos solamente éxito en su nuevo esfuerzo que acarrea productos de México a través de todos los puntos de los Estados Unidos!

It’s finally here! The first day of the final phase of the Nafta Agreement that former President Clinton initiated over a decade ago. Mexican trucks are now legal in all points of the United States to deliver their products from Mexico and return with products from the United States to Mexico.

In recent days, lawsuits, demonstrations and confrontations over the issue have erupted across the United States. Over the past several years, agencies such as NTSB, Federal DOT, FMCSA, the Mexican Federal Government and others have spent countless hours making sure Mexican trucks are up to date and fully comply with rules and regulations of the United States. Why are the truck drivers in the United States up in arms about Mexican trucks entering the United States? Why on earth does the American truck driver think that he or she is going to loose their jobs to a Mexican truck?

Have we forgotten that the United States was built on a nation of legal, law abiding immigrants from all over the world? My dad’s side of the family came to the United States in the 1600’s from the UK and settled in Virginia. My mom’s side of the family immigrated from Germany only three short generations ago. Did we forget that most of our family history comes from other parts of the world?

It is not the fault of the Mexican people that the United States has a problem with illegal immigration. It is solely the fault of our government to control the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. Do you blame people from Mexico and other third world countries to come to the United States for a better life? Do you blame Mexican trucking companies from coming to the United States to try to make a good impression and make a decent living?

It is my opinion that we, fellow professional truck drivers, to give Mexican truckers and trucking companies the benefit of the doubt and allow them to make their mark on the US trucking industry!

**Translation courtesy of Babel Fish.

Spanish Translation:

¡Está finalmente aquí! El primer día de la fase final del acuerdo de Nafta que presidente anterior Clinton inició sobre hace una década. Los carros mexicanos son legales ahora en todos los puntos de los Estados Unidos entregar sus productos de México y volver con los productos de los Estados Unidos a México.

En días recientes, los pleitos, las demostraciones y las confrontaciones sobre la edición han entrado en erupción a través de los Estados Unidos. Sobre el pasado varios años, las agencias tales como NTSB, el PUNTO federal, FMCSA, el gobierno federal mexicano y otros han pasado horas incontables cerciorándose de que los carros mexicanos son actualizados y que se conforman completamente con reglas y regulaciones de los Estados Unidos. ¿Por qué los conductores del carro en los Estados Unidos para arriba en brazos sobre los carros mexicanos están entrando en los Estados Unidos? ¿Por qué en la tierra el conductor americano del carro piensa que él o ella va a soltar sus trabajos a un carro mexicano?

¿Nos hemos olvidado de que los Estados Unidos fueron construidos en una nación de legal, los inmigrantes que habitaban de la ley de todo sobre el mundo? El lado de mi papá de la familia vino a los Estados Unidos en el 1600’s del Reino Unido y colocó en Virginia. El lado de mis mamás de la familia immigrated de Alemania hace solamente 3 generaciones cortas. ¿Nos olvidamos de que la mayoría de nuestros antecedentes familiares vienen de otras partes del mundo?

No es la avería de la gente mexicana que los Estados Unidos tienen un problema con la inmigración ilegal. Es solamente la avería de nuestro gobierno para controlar el flujo de inmigrantes ilegales en nuestro país. ¿Usted culpa puebla de México y de otros cteres del Tercer Mundo a venir a los Estados Unidos por una vida mejor?

¿Usted culpa a compañías que acarrean mexicanas de venir a los Estados Unidos intentar hacer una buena impresión y hacer una vida decente? ¡Es mi opinión que, conductores profesionales del carro del compañero, damos a camioneros mexicanos y a compañías que acarrean la ventaja de la duda y permitimos que hagan su marca en la industria que acarrea de los E.E.U.U.!


  1. I wish I could share your welcome of the Mexican trucks. However, I suspect rules enforcement will be the same with the Mexicans as the Canadians – they will freely violate the rules against point to point loads within the U.S. while their government strictly enforces the rules against point to point loads by U.S. truckers within their country.

  2. The reality of course is that there no way for our country to monitor just how safe these Mexican trucks are or aren’t. There is no way to track the records of the people driving these trucks either. We can’t track people on our own side of the border. Our border patrol is understaffed and will not check 100% of the trucks crossing into the U.S.

    It certainly seems to me that I’ve heard all of this before. Since NAFTA was enacted, I lost my job in manufacturing of 24 years to a someone accross the border. I think possibly the same thing will happen in the trucking industry as well.

    We are in the process of dismantling the DOT code for safety in the US by allowing vehicles to operate here within multiple standards for safety. We have to follow the regulations; they don’t. It doesn’t take a business major to figure out what happens next.

  3. Nowadays, lawsuits, demonstrations and confrontations have erupted in the United States. Most of them have spent countless hours to make Mexican trucks are up to date and fully comply with rules and regulations of the United States. But I don’t no why are the truck drivers in the US up in arms about Mexican trucks entering the United States? Why on earth does the American truck driver think that he or she is going to loose their jobs to a Mexican truck?

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  4. We welcome Canadian truckers it is time we welcome our brothers/sisters to the south. NAFTA is about free trade and we need to uphold our end especially since we (the US Gov) want to expand that agreement to CAFTA.

    I love the report I read the other month stating how the DOT inspection sights found the Mexican trucker to be safer than his US counterpart. Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black. I loved it! We claim they can not come to do safety. Now it is time for all those who critizied to eat their words.

    Welcome Mexican trucker! Good luck to you.

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