Minneapolis is in our Prayers

The events of last night due to the bridge collapse in Minneapolis has affected us all in some way, especially those of us who have traveled across the 35W bridge. I can remember traveling across the bridge as an OTR driver when I took my daughter to visit the Mall of America.

It saddened me to see one of the main pictures of the accident showing a semi-truck on fire and another just feet from plunging off the edge of the collapsed bridge. I pray for the families of the truckers who may have died in the accident and the other families who haven’t heard from their loved ones today.

We never know when the day or the hour of our own demise. As drivers, we just don’t know what’s around that next corner or what that other driver might do. Please keep in your prayers the people and families who were affected by the events of last night.

If you need someone to talk to or if you are having a hard time dealing with the events in Minneapolis, please call 888-NeedHim or visit their website at NeedHim.org for spiritual help or just someone to talk to.

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