Introducing the Trucking Brief

In the coming weeks the Trucking Blog will become the Trucking Brief. Due to numerous other blogs using the name “Trucking Blog”, I felt it was necessary to separate my blog from the others using the same name. Although the Trucking Blog has been a great name on search engines and blog directories, I wanted something that stood out that was different, yet appealing to my readers.

The Trucking Blog will still be in operation until The Trucking Brief gets off the ground a running strong. In the meantime, you can visit the Trucking Brief URL:, and it will forward you to the current Trucking Blog.

In the future, I plan on writing about industry practices, freight broker issues, freight broker training, freight issues, shipping issues and other topics relating to the shipping aspect of trucking. In the coming months, I vision myself migrating towards a freight broker / driver manager position in my career and moving away from the driving part of the job.

Continue to read the Trucking Blog, as it will always be fun, informative, interesting, and yes, a little off the wall. Thanks for your continued readership!

One comment

  1. Hey, Jim. No matter what you name it, you’ll always have a great site. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and especially your manner of “thinking out loud” and giving many of us some good insight on all aspects of trucking.

    Best of luck to you as you transition not only your blog – but more importantly – your own self as you move toward your new ventures.

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