In Need of a Load

It’s that time of year in eastern Washington again, the fields are being harvested, grain is being shipped and I can’t get a load out of eastern Washington. If I were paid by the mile, as most professional drivers are, I wouldn’t care whether or not there was a load going back to Seattle. Since our company pays by the load, it is nice to be able to pick up a load going back for a little extra cash in my wallet. I think of it as a little bonus for getting the job done.

Apparently, the new company doesn’t seem to understand the importance of backhauls, etc. They would rather pay the expensive fuel prices and the wear and tear on the trucks by dipping into their profits. I know that there are a half-dozen places, just in the Lewiston area alone that a trucking company could find a decent load. At least a load that would pay for the fuel and the hard work of the loyal driver.

The boss stated to me the other day that they are committed to having empty trailers at the dock for our shippers. Whether or not they give us a load, they want our trailers lined up at the dock. It was rather interesting today, we had seven trucks available to haul this morning and only two of those trucks are rolling, with the exception of my truck and another truck hauling an empty trailer back from Spokane. Five of the other loads were given to another carrier. I hate to say it, but I don’t think our new management team is paying enough attention to the Seattle operation. If you ask me for my opinion, I think the Seattle terminal is about to be closed. Just my opinion, but I’d like to get other opinions and maybe an explanation from someone who is familiar with the day to day operation of a trucking company.

Maybe when I discover the meaning of life, I’ll understand the trucking industry and why it’s so hard for managers to use a little common sense.

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