CHP Traffic Incident Information

Have you ever wondered how many big trucks are involved in traffic incidents or accidents over the course of a weekday in a big city such as Los Angeles? Do you ever wonder why CHP gets tough with unsafe trucks? A great site to visit is the California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information Page. Every day, there are dozens of traffic collisions involving big rigs across our country. It really sinks in about your own safety when you read about some of the collisions listed on the CHP site. The Traffic Incident Information Page updates in “real time” and you can get information about an incident anywhere in California as it happens.

One comment

  1. I agree that this CHP traffic incident info may be beneficial.

    But …..

    traveling down I-10 here in El Paso, TX there used to be a big bill board reading “We sue negligent 18 wheelers”. It really irked me and I’m sad to say I never took the time to call the attorney’s office to complain.

    Does this mean they don’t sue negligent drunk drivers? or negligent out-of-staters? or negligent old geezers? or negligent teens?

    Why single out “18 Wheelers”?

    Yes, there are many accidents involving “18 wheelers”. But it doesn’t stop there.

    Next time the sign appears, I’ll call their number and ask how many negligent 18 wheelers do they sue compared to other negligent drivers.

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