Tanker Tangle on I5 in Seattle

I5 Northbound at Washington SR18, Seattle, WA

This picture shows the aftermath of two big rigs colliding on Interstate 5 at SR 18 in Federal Way, Washington just south of Seattle. Apparently, a bobtail semi and this tanker collided just north of the DOT scales along I5. I am not sure who was at fault or what actually happened, but the incident snarled traffic for hours along I5.

I entered the freeway from Fife, Washington just after this occurred. This happened on Friday, July 27th at about 1430 hours in the afternoon. It took me at least 2 1/2 hours to maneuver my way though the mess, or travel about 4 miles. The backup on I5 was at least 20 miles long at the peak of rush hour, snarling traffic from Seattle to Tacoma in both directions.

The biggest problem of this incident was the diesel fuel spill. The tanker was carrying a full load of diesel and quite a few gallons spilled onto the roadway. This is a great reminder to always look twice at your blind spots to make sure there isn’t another vehicle in that spot. Fortunately, no one got injured in this accident.

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