A View from God’s Country!

Most people in the great Northwest refer to Montana as two things, Big Sky Country and God’s Country. Who else could he create such a beautiful place for, himself of course. I started my day the usual way, breakfast, coffee, PTI and wash the bugs off the windows. It started off as one of those, ho-hum, just another day driving kind of day. The weather in Eastern Washington wasn’t too magnificent, and there were the usual crowd of “vacationers” on the road. The only thing that seemed different were the rash of fires in Spokane late yesterday. Apparently, a pickup crossed the double yellow on Idaho SR 53 and tried to play chicken with a Big Rig. They both lost and the Big Rig Pete, pulling a cattle car, burnt to the rims. Fortunately, the 25 year old professional driver walked away with only a few bumps and bruises. No word on the condition of the pickup truck driver. Photo is courtesy of Krem 2 News in Spokane. The other fire involved a Bio-Diesel storage facility which spread to a few vehicles and a building. Fortunately, no one was injured in the later fire.

My office has a great view! Today, at about 2PM MDT, the view was overlooking the Clark Fork river in western Montana along Montana SR 200. In this view, no fishermen or rafters were present, although this river is famous for it’s fishing and rafting.

When I do this particular route, we take the most direct route and sometimes get to see country that most folks don’t get to see from the freeway. Along Montana SR 28, there is a small natural reservoir that serves the communities below it’s location. SR 28 is a narrow, two lane mountain road that serves as a main travel point between western Montana and Kalispell, MT.

After my Kalispell drop, there was yet more trouble on the horizon. A lightning sparked fire which started the night before, flared up again and took a run down the canyon toward US 93 near Flathead Lake and Polson, MT. The head of the fire was located in the wilderness about midway between Polson and Lonepine, MT, or about 10 miles west of Polson. It put up a great head of smoke but seemed to die down as sunset approached. At last check, the fire grew from 1,600 acres to over 3,000 overnight.

Can you blame people for calling this Big Sky Country or God’s Country? The scenery was simply amazing today! This photo was taken late in the afternoon about 65 miles north of Missoula, MT along US93. I thought the shadow of the truck was appropriate in this shot.

The day ended on a spectacular note! Just another day at the office in the beautiful state of Montana.

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