Tribute to our Soldiers

United States Flag


This Tribute has nothing to do with freight broker or truckbroker training – but for me, it’s something necessary.

Tribute to the Soldiers of Ft.Bliss – El Paso, TX

Ft. Bliss, located on the outskirts of El Paso, TX,is host to thousands of soldiers – men and women making unbelievable and, sometimes, the ultimate sacrifice. Most, if not all, either have been or will be deployed to Iraq and other stations throughout the world.

In this brief article, I’d like to direct attention to the sacrifices these soldiers and their families are making for the benefit of meand for all of us who are fortunate to live in these United States, the greatest country in the world.

If I can reflect for just a moment each day and if I can encourage each reader here to reflect in the same manner – perhaps we cancreate a more enduring fabric of support that is so dearly needed for these soldiers.

At times I forget about the harsh realities that these soldiers and their families are faced with not only on a daily basis but witheach passing minute, day and night.

My life has been easy. During the Viet Nam struggle I was drafted into the military but I remained stateside while ALL of my buddies were sent to Viet Nam. At that time, I did not have an awareness of how fortunate I was. It wasn’t until the 50 year reunion of World War II that I came to a full realization of howfortunate I am, and all freedom loving people, are.

May we long remain the Land of the Free and the Brave.

End of Tribute – Thank You!

This message was sent by: John Thomas, 7101 N. Mesa St. #219, El Paso, TX 79912

Thank you John for the great tribute and thank you for serving our country!


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