My New 2007 Freightliner Columbia

After many months of letters, emails and phone calls to the owners of the company for which I work, I finally got a new truck on Saturday! It’s a 2007 Freightliner Columbia Heritage Edition. It has all the basic features and necessities for a regional driver. Although, if I were an OTR driver again, I would probably find it a little less desirable for OTR travel. In the specs, they left out a hook-up for a tv, no shelving and basically the bare basic sleeper package. The company leased these trucks with 450 HP, Detroit engines with a basic 10 speed setup. I really have mixed feelings about the truck, but the biggest disappointment is the 450 HP engine! We haul 40,000 lb loads over the mountains of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. It leaves a lot to be desired when your top speed maxes out at 25 MPH going over Snoqualmie Pass! For goodness sakes, the engine is rated at 515 HP! At least they could turn them up to 475 or 500. But I am not the owner, nor do I pay the insurance premiums. At least we got rid of the old, unsafe equipment and will be able to do our jobs safer and smoother! I was glad for any change to the equipment. The next thing we get to look forward to is our new trailers which we should be getting in a few weeks.

The new company that took over for the old company a few weeks ago seems to have the drivers interest at hand. They seem to recognize the problems we faced in the past and are taking steps to resolve those issues. We now have a more comprehensive insurance plan and the ability to put a little money away in a new 401K plan. I hope that the new management recognized the fact that our type of business needs constant nurturing and support to make it successful.


  1. The company bought the 450 because it’s cheaper and lighter than a 500 and not so much for your comfort. Good luck with that!

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  2. Thanks Wayne,

    We all know the fuel savings and lower maintenance costs of a 450 vs. a 500. But you also have to consider the safety issues of pulling 80000 lbs over Snoqualmie Pass at 25 mph where the average speed for all vehicles is about 75 mph! A Swift heavy haul was rear-ended at a high rate of speed by an inattentive four-wheel pickup in the slow lane about 4 days ago. No fault to the Swift driver, he was just doing his job.

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