New Theme, New Tune, New Month

Changes to the Trucking Blog:

If you haven’t noticed the subtle changes I have made to this blog, I have decided to take the edge off my blog and make it a little more entertaining, yet still informative and geared towards trucking. It’s a new month, the beginning of the summer driving season and the month of my 42nd birthday. At least for the summer, I want to change gears and present a friendlier version of my blog. I think there will be more pictures, video and fun!

Changes to the company for which I drive:

Over the past several days I learned that the company I am currently employed with decided that 10 years of being in business was enough. With the growing problems from within the company, the poor equipment and the endless criticism from drivers such as myself, the owners have decided to sell out! YIPPEE! The company that bought out this company is a nationwide logistics start-up and they have plenty of “fresh” cash to invest in this company. As of the third week in June, all of our tractors will be traded in for brand new, leased Freightliner Columbia models! The new company plans a nationwide expansion with an emphasis on our long time relationship with a national home improvement chain. Future plans also include an aggressive move towards backhaul logistics which will improve the companies bottom line drastically. I got a chance to briefly talk with the COO of the new company yesterday and the plans sound quite impressive. Included with the new company are affordable benefits for the entire family, a progressive 401K plan and a medical cafeteria plan. This new company has inspired me and breathed fresh air into an otherwise stale outlook on the old trucking company!

Employment Opportunities in Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta:

If you live in or around the listed cities, would like to make excellent wages and be home on the weekends, the company I work for plans on hiring more drivers in the near future. As it currently stands, our company has dedicated routes and backhauls which get most drivers home on the weekends. We only deal with dedicated freight so you will usually become very familiar with what you haul. If you would like more information, send me and email and I will send you more information as it becomes available.

Good Luck, Safe Driving and Happy Summer!

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