It’s Summertime!

It’s that time of year again, bikinis, bikes and bar-b-q’s! Good times at the fishing hole, at the baseball game or on the golf course. My favorite time of year, my favorite time to be on the road as a driver. I can remember my first trip east as an OTR driver and was amazed at the rows of corn in the mid-west, the sweet smell of freshly cut hay still in the fields, the amazing sunsets that lasted for hours and the never ending presence of fire flies in Tennessee. My trainer and I took a break at my first White Castle outside of Nashville. It reminded me of the country music videos and music I listened to as a kid about the south and summertime in general. I think Kenny Chesney says it all in his classic song and video, “Summertime”!

After all the driving, the snow and ice we faced this last winter, it’s great to be able to celebrate this time of year. I was at the Petro in Spokane and was listening to a few drivers talk. I overheard a driver say he was from Miami and another from Alabama. It’s cool to reconnect with drivers from other parts of the country who don’t always come this way in the winter. One guy said he was afraid of the hurricanes so he tries to come to the Northwest from Miami as often as his company will let him. People were gathered on the lawn on the back side of the Petro, a couple in an RV had their patio chairs set up and it was like a big tailgate party. The only thing missing was the BBQ and ballgame.

So in honor of my favorite time of year, I posted a video from Kenny Chesney, “Summertime”!

**Update** 07/14/2007:

Kenny Chesney Concert, Qwest Field, Seattle, Washington – July 07, 2007

This post is a few days late but I felt I would write a review about the Kenny Chesney Concert I attended on July 7th. A friend and I attended the Chesney concert in full anticipation of a great time and lots of entertainment. The bill included artists Pat Green, Sara Evans, Sugarland, Brooks and Dunn and Kenny Chesney himself. We got to Qwest about 5PM and were surprised that Pat Green started right on time at 4:30PM and was pretty much finished by 5:00PM. By the time we found our $50 dollar seats, we were located in the upper deck at the far end of the field from the stage. Sara Evans just began her set and her music was recognizable and easy to hear. I am thankful for the big screen tv’s or we would never have seen who was on the stage. Sara Evans was good, but her set seemed too short. At least it lasted a little longer than Pat Green.

Up next was Sugarland. If I were to pay money again to see any of these acts, Sugarland was definitely worth the money. Jennifer Nettles brought her spunk to the stage and her great voice carried the stadium well. The show was very energetic and the endless hit songs were pleasurable to say the least. The only drawback to the concert so far was the unequal tone to the sound quality. I am not sure if the size of Qwest field had an effect on the echo of the music, but as the night continued on, the sound seemed to get worse.

Brooks and Dunn were the highlight of the night. They played an endless set of number 1 hits and one of their new ones. They had a moving tribute to our soldiers during their song, “Only in America”. Several uniformed servicemen came on to the stage in a tribute to fallen soldiers. B&D were very involved with the audience and put on a very good show.

Kenny Chesney was the final performance of the night. After a lengthy break, Chesney started his show from a stage set up in the center of Qwest Field. He eventually made his way through the crowd to the main stage. I was very disappointed at his performance. He didn’t seem to be the laid back, easy going country singer we have all come to know. Maybe the long show schedule or grueling tour took it’s toll on the singer. The sound quality was terrible and the music was so loud that it was very difficult to tell which song he was singing. Besides “showing off” to the women, audience interaction was limited to a few lucky fans who paid $1000 plus dollars to see him up close. I just don’t feel like he was at his best during this concert.

To make a successful concert, I think artists need to plan the entire event and keep it enjoyable to everyone in attendance. I noticed midway through the show, many people in the upper sections started to leave. I am not sure if the sound was the reason, or the inability of Chesney to keep everyone involved with the show. With the excessive drinking, sex in the stands and the poor sound quality, I would have to say I would pass on attending another event at Qwest Field. I am not sure if I’d even attend a Seahawks game there. Qwest is just a very difficult stadium to negotiate.

Next time I’ll watch Chesney for free on an awards show or country music video. Sorry Kenny, your show just didn’t do it for me!



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