Saturday Night Videos

Martina McBride – “Anyway”
Provided By:
Martina McBride

This video reflects a personal situation I have delt with in the past few weeks. As professional truck drivers, we sometimes loose sight of what is important in our lives. Being on the road can be very difficult for families, loved ones, relationships and friendships. A strong belief in God is very important while traveling down life’s highway. Martina shares her insights into life’s struggles and what we should do along the way. The message is full of hope, love and never stop reaching for that all important goal. When we are on the road and away from family and friends, God will always be there for you! I dedicate this song to a very special friend of mine in Seattle. She has no idea I write this blog, but I want her to know that “I will love her anyway!” no matter the cost, no matter the circumstances, I will be there for her. God bless in your travels and reach for your dreams, no matter how big or small! 06~24~2007 – Jim B.


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