Here We Go Again…….

I feel as if I am part of the “wee” patrol or maybe this happens just too much on the road! What I am referring to is the disregard of other drivers in our parking lots and rest areas when it comes to using the restroom.

I was briefly parked at a rest area in central Oregon today and was the recipient to another careless, thoughtless act. It was about 90 degrees today, the a/c in my truck is challenged to say the least. I decided to cool my heals and take a little break, my windows were rolled down and I was trying to take in some of the cool mountain air while I was resting. Once again, another trucker decided to park illegally in a “no parking” zone with his truck idling at full tilt! This took away my ability to take in the cool breeze and I had a noisy truck idling right next to me. The driver, who was driving a tractor from Western Pacific Materials out of Salem, OR, pulling a 48′ “Connestoga” flatbed. I didn’t take much notice until I heard the un-mistaken sound of someone pouring fluid on the ground next to my truck. I turned around, looked out the passenger window and noticed the driver adjusting his pants and putting his cup away for future use. I quickly realized that his pit stop was actually a pi** stop! The men’s restroom was only a truck length away!

When this type of behavior happens in my presence, I will continue to name the company and truck number if available. Unfortunately, the truck number was not noticeable on his truck. I would hope that Western Pacific reminds their drivers that a public parking spot is not a urinal! I can’t tell you upsetting it is to get out of my truck and wonder if the puddle I am stepping in is actually water or urine. I already have a mental list of truck stops and other areas I refuse to stop because of this problem. When someone urinates on the ground in a place that many people park, it is not only a health hazard, but it also has the effect of tracking urine into my truck, my home away from home, my living space! I wonder what would happen if I showed up at that drivers home and decided to urinate in his living room instead of walking 50 feet to the restroom. I am sure he would be very upset and probably throw me out of his house.

I am sure Western Pacific is a good company that likes to shed a good image to their customers, DOT and other drivers. I would hope that this isn’t a regular practice and that the company frowns on such behavior!



  1. Hiya Jim

    Just answered your comment on my blog and had a read of yours.

    All i can say is wow, you think exactly the same way as me, my pet hate is when people piss up the side of their truck.

    We have a service station in UK on the M5 called Hilton Park, it is the worsed i have ever seen, sometimes i have to do a trailer swap there and when you get out of the cab it literally makes you gag.

    I was hoping to leave that all behind when we come over there but it seems to be a worldwide thing.

    On a side note we have to pay £17.50 (about $35) to stay over night at a service station, i heared its free to park over there.

    Stay safe


  2. I totally agree with you on this one, its my pet hate.
    Hilton Park Services in UK is the worsed one i have ever seen, i sometimes to trailer swaps there and when you get out of the cab it makes you gag.


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