Speed and Alcohol don’t mix!


I90 West of Easton, Washington

It’s the start of the summer driving season and we have seen too many accidents that have caused numerous injuries and several deaths. During the first day of the Memorial Day holiday in Washington, at least 5 deaths have been contributed to alcohol related accidents. On Friday night, a driver who had his 2 year old son in his pickup, wondered into the westbound lanes of I90 near Snoqualmie Summit while traveling east. I am not sure what the driver of the pickup was thinking, but he was legally drunk and took out two other innocent lives, including his own.

Speed was a contributing factor in a serious three car accident later the next day east of Snoqualmie Summit. Another accident in Spokane killed an infant when he and his mother we waiting at a red light and were hit from behind. Apparently, the driver who caused the accident was a teenager busy talking on her cell phone. Speed was also a factor in this accident.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a rash of truck rollovers on I90 between Snoqualmie Summit and Ellensburg, Washington. At least three were container hauling carriers and speed was obviously a factor. Washington State Patrol has increased it’s presence in the Ellensburg and North Bend area’s of Washington. WSP DOT patrols have also increased in the Seattle area and it is a good idea to make sure your paperwork and logbooks are in order before hitting the Cle Elum scales.

I have mentioned speeding drivers in the Snoqualmie Pass area for several months now. I have been disturbed by the lack of concern that other so called professional drivers have shown towards other drivers and the general public. During this weekend of remembering, please show your fellow driver a little courtesy and be safe out there.

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