Beginning a New Day!

After 2 months off the road, developing many websites and trying to stay busy, I am finally going back to work on Monday. My boss called yesterday telling me that freight in the Northwest is moving like wildfire again and it’s time for me to drive again! Finally!

During the past few days, I have had time to reflect on several events that have been on my mind lately. I think the biggest event of the week was the tragedy at VT in Virginia. I can’t help but pray for the families and community of those who have been affected by this senseless crime. The only thing that we can do from the outside is pray for those who have had their lives changed forever because of these events. We have to remember that life is short and we have to live each and every day as if it were our last.

For those of you who are computer geeks or fanatics and a blog just isn’t enough anymore, I have put together a Trucking BB! Here we can get together online and share resources and post information about all things trucking. A blog such as this many times only offers one point of view and is directed at a reading audience. The Trucking BB is much different, it allows the community to interact with one another on a much personal level. We can ask questions, post information useful to other drivers and find information we might need. I have included an area to find a job, an area to post a “For Sale” listing and even a personals listing area for those of us who are single drivers. The site is free to use and I hope it becomes a regular destination for my readers.

Check out the Trucking BB by clinking on this link
! Thanks!

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