Oil Companies and Alternative Fuels

Earlier in the week, I posted a blog about involvement of oil companies in the alternative energy field. One point I forgot to mention was the increasing demand for alternative fuels such as ethanol and the decreasing availability of the fuel in gas stations. NBC had a story recently about the inability of drivers to get fuel such as ethanol because big oil companies are resisting the placement of special pumps in their gas stations. I wonder what the delay is installing pumps and tanks that are designed to carry ethanol or other fuels such as bio-diesel.

Another part of the ethanol story was the cost of hog feed on the increase because of the lack of corn available! Is that why the US Government is paying millions of dollars each year to farmers to keep them from growing corn and wheat through their subsidies? Who gets the money and tax benefits? I think the answer might be the conglomerates who own the corn and wheat fields! Because there is a shortage of ethanol corn, because feed prices are soaring, doesn’t this also suggest that there might be a shortage of bacon or ham in the near future? What is the end cost to the consumer?

Doesn’t it make you feel better that the big oil companies are making record profits and we are paying upwards of $4.00 per gallon in places of the country because of concerns over oil prices?! So I might ask another question, because there is such a high demand for ethanol and the oil companies won’t place ethanol pumps in their stations, where are they storing the fuel!! Are we shipping it overseas?

Don’t even get me started! Oh, too late! In the state of Washington, drivers are paying an average of .42 cents per gallon for fuel tax! Where is this money going? The roads in the Northwest are already in a state of major disrepair, with pot holes, sink holes, worn out pavement and clogged roads, where does that tax go?

I am disgusted with the politicians who bombard be with their “ideas” on the local and national news every night! How about following through with those ideas. I wish we could elect Governor Schwarzenegger of California to set us on a path of real results. Maybe he could give us real insight about the problems of global warming and our dependence on oil. We have the technology, the money and the power to do better in the alternative energy arena. I would be glad to pay $5.00 per gallon of gas if it meant I was actually helping the environment and getting 100 M.P.G. in my car, or better yet, getting better than 7 M.P.G. in my big truck!

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