A Good Job Search Tool

During my travels across the vast expanse of the internet, I came across a job search engine that has them all beat hands down. I have been looking up trucking jobs using a search engine called Indeed.com. They use a technology that takes information from other search engines such as Careerbuilder, Monster, Yahoo Hot Jobs and others to bring real-time results from those searches. They also use a technology to bring search results from other sources such as local newspapers, jobs boards, etc. Today I looked up “Truck Driving Jobs” in Seattle and came back with over 300 results for Seattle alone! Quite a few were the usual “Big Dawg” type search engines which cater to newer, inexperienced drivers, although a few results came back with great starting wages and full time employment. The starting wage for an experienced, full time local driver should start at a minimum of $20 per hour with full benefits.

Try Indeed.com out today by clicking on my hyper-link, it’s free, useful and very informative.

One comment

  1. Indeed is a great aggregator. I also recommend a tool to keep track of all the places you apply, your networks, etc. I started with my own spreadsheet and eventually developed JibberJobber.com – you can store quite a bit of information on the free version.

    Jason Alba
    CEO – JibberJobber.com

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