New Technology in Satellite TV!

Leave the DVDs and videotapes at home and instead enjoy up to 185 channels of DIRECTV service and your favorite local channels* on the open road.** The all-new, ultra-low-profile TracVision A7 from KVH sets a new standard for fun on the road with live DIRECTV programming right on your truck’s TV screen. And for the first time, you can take your local channels with you – don’t miss that big game, WEATHER, traffic report, or breaking local news story again. Traveling in your truck has never been this much fun. Now you can enjoy the DIRECTV service that you watch at home while in your truck. It’s true…the best seat in the house is now in your sleeper!

Don’t let those 34 hour rest periods go to waste! Watch your favorite Nascar Event, Concert, Baseball game or favorite tv show on the road. Hint: Use your DVR or TiVo to record your favorite show or sports event while driving down the road, then watch the show when you stop! If you’re tired of setting up your “dish” and trying to get the right signal, then the KVH TracVision A7 is for you!


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