What is the IQ of a Truck Driver?

Do you ever drive down the road and wonder why people think so lowly of a truck driver? Why people have a certain attitude when you mention you are a truck driver? Why, when you mention you drive a truck for a living there is always that “Ohhhh, you drive a truck”. Then the conversation usually ends or the other person puts you on another level lower than a slug. I get that response on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter that I graduated with honors from high school and attended 4 years of college, no, I didn’t mention those other details. The attitude only comes from the moment, first impressions I would imagine.

I guess “Mr. Foul-Mouth Anonymous” answered that question for me today! Read the following comment I reserved for posting here. This was in response to the post “18 Citations and Still a CDL Driver”. Read what this moron said about the post.

“Goes to show some people like to put there 2 cents in where its not wanted…the person who made the negative comments about the trucking company really should learn to get the facts before opening their big **((* mouth…”

That comment is probably why I traded the CB radio in for an XM radio. I don’t recall making any negative comments about any trucking company. The only comment I made was that the local news posted the company trailer all over their news cast in the Seattle area. I even got a comment from the owner of the company stating that it was a tanker truck at fault or the accident. I made another comment and stated that particular company was well respected in the Northwest! But what does freedom of speech mean when I can’t even voice my opinions of what actually caused the accident and why on earth any CDL driver was allowed to continue to drive with 18 citations!

Today, I-90 claimed 50 cars, truck’s, semi’s and buses in another weather related accident at milepost 49. Several dozen people were injured and about a half a dozen were still in Seattle area hospitals in serious condition. I have been over Snoqualmie Pass several dozen times and know what people drive like coming off the mountain. For those of you who don’t know, there is a very quick, 6% drop off when you start down the hill west bound. About a mile or so down the grade, there are a series of avalanche bridges that a vehicle must pass over while traveling down the mountain. The accident occurred on one of those bridges.

There are numerous signs, flashing lights, lighted billboards and other warning devices cautioning drivers to the hazards ahead and to lower their speed. Do you think people pay attention to those signs? Do you think truck drivers pay attention to those signs? Apparently not! I don’t know exactly who caused this latest accident or how it happened, but I am sure it was due to speeding and un-attentive driving.

For those fellow drivers who don’t like the speed limits in the State of Washington or strict DOT enforcement, please don’t come to Washington. Do me, my family and friends a favor, take your comments and total disregard for the safety of others on our nations highways elsewhere!

PS……. Mr. Anonymous, reporting this blog as spam is not cool!

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  1. I can understand your frustration and concern over the accident and others like it that occur in your state. I spent 17 years as a OTR driver and I can tell you this accidents are caused by many people, some truck drivers and four wheelers alike. In my 17 years I never had an accident as a driver! I know I have flat spotted many of a tire on the road to keep from having accidents. Most of the near accidents were caused by four wheel drivers and their not understanding what it takes to stop those trucks. I have had my nose cut off in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and many other locations across this country even on the open highway! There are a lot of issues that need to be corrected to make these highways safer including education of the public as well as truck drivers. But, we are not normally responsible for all vehicular accidents. I recently witnessed a truck accident that involved a four-wheeler that cost the truck driver his life and a passenger in the car. This accident was caused by the four wheeler. It was immediately clear to me and others that the well fair of the trucker was of no consequence as all emergency personnel worked with the car and ignored the truck. I have come across this sentiment many times in this industry. You are concerned about trucks coming down a 6% grade and do you realize that most truck drivers do pay attention to those lights and signs. Most four wheelers do not and end up turning over or swerving out of their lanes, some seem to think that it makes for a good joy ride. I have had middle aged people and young alike think its cool to jack around with trucks. This has also caused accidents that were blamed on the truck drivers. The accident I told you about was originally reported on the radio that the truck driver was at fault! If it had not been for witnesses that driver and his families life would never have been the same. The family lost their father and husband all because someone thought they could beat a truck. What a waste of a good man! Please find out more about what caused those accidents before you decide that it most likely was the truck driver’s fault.

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