Idaho Speed Law fails to pass Committee

An interesting story came across my way in the Spokane Newspaper today. Apparently a new speed limit law raising the state speed limit for commercial trucks on Idaho freeways to 70 MPH stalled and was rejected in committee today. The sponsor of the bill, Senator Tim Corder, R-Mountain Home, sponsored SB 1075 stating that raising the speed limit commercial vehicles and lowering the limit for automobiles from 75 to 70 MPH would make the freeways safer. The idea was to even out the speeds between commercial vehicles and private automobiles. With the speeds already at 65, I think the speed for private automobiles should be lowered. Several freeways in the state of Idaho are located in mountainous, heavily traveled corridors. With the increasing consumption of oil, I would think an environmentally sensitive state such as Idaho should lead the country in lower speeds for all vehicles.

I read a little further into the article and notice that Senator Corder owns a trucking company in southern Idaho! To read this article from the Spokane Spokesman-Review, click HERE.

I chuckled when I found out Mr. Corder owned a trucking company. I wish our state representatives could get a little more creative. I hope that he didn’t run for state senate just to try to raise the speed limit. I smell a bad fish here and I think his efforts are self centered and aimed at using his power in the state legistlature to his own advantage. If I lived in Mountain Home, Idaho, I would certainly raise some questions about whether or not Senator Corder is really representing the needs and desires of the people who voted him into office.

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