18 Citations and Still a CDL Driver!

I was watching the local Seattle news yesterday morning and something caught my eye. One of the news anchors was following up on a story about the 30 car pile-up on I90 three days ago. Apparently an 18 wheeler was traveling 70 MPH on snow covered, icy roads and jack-knifed causing the accident. The truck that they showed was a Gordon Trucking heavy-haul tractor with a 53′ trailer. I am not sure if he was the culprit, but it seems as if all of the news stations in the area were showing the same tractor-trailer.

It doesn’t surprise me or anyone else that an accident of that magnitude happened on I90 near Snoqualmie Summit. It seems that when the weather gets worse, the more accidents and incidents of stupidity occur. The driver of the semi who caused the accident was to have been reported to have at least 18 prior citations to his credit! 18 citations and this guy is still on the road? I’d like to know the from which state from which that driver was licensed in and I hope that they make it very difficult for that driver to ever drive again! Once again I can’t be certain who the driver worked for or where he was from, but I can assume that he probably was a local driver who had too much confidence in his winter driving.

I am only thankful that no one was seriously injured or killed in the accident. I was coming home from the New Years holiday from eastern Washington and I clocked a container driver going 73 MPH from my personal vehicle. Is DOT too busy to catch these guys? I think the penalties for speeding in these areas during inclement weather should increase. What do you think?


  1. Actually, the Gordon truck was last on the scene and purposely drove the truck into the snow bank to avoid a direct hit with a liquid nitrogen tanker that jack knifed across the lane.

    As you can imagine, we were pretty disappointed in the local news coverage that continually showed the GTI truck that was not the cause and avoided a much worse catastrophe.

  2. Thank you Mr. Gordon for clarifying the circumstances of the accident. It is unfortunate that our news stations choose to show one of your trucks as part of their story.

    Gordon Trucking is a well respected, safety oriented company that is based in the Seattle area. They were my second choice when I started my trucking career nine years ago. I only wish I choose to work with them at the time.

  3. I’m surprised anyone would shocked about this story.
    It happens every day somewhere in the country.
    Read the story of Janelle Durk. She was killed in IL after being hit from behind by a truck driver over his hours while sitting in a backup caused by the crash of another truck driver who was over hours, on drugs and on parole for killing another person while driving drunk. His license was revoked for life when he was sent to prison but when he got paroled the state of IN gave him a CDL. I found this and many stories like it at

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