A New "Bad Driver" Reporting Site

I was watching CNN today an came across an interesting story. Apparently there is a new website making the rounds this holiday season and it seams very interesting. The website is called PlateWire.com. It is a site for drivers of our nations roads to air their frustrations and compliment other drivers alike.

The idea to the website is to report the actions and driving habits of other drivers. All a reporting driver has to do is write down the offending drivers license plate number and log on to the site. You will find several complaints, compliments, wrong way driver reports, running stop light reports, speeders, handicap parking complaints and other driving related instances.

You’ll even find a few four wheelers complaining about truckers and vice-versa. If at all, it’s an amusing site to read all the comments and complaints about other drivers. I’ve even heard that local law enforcement agencies have used this information to keep an eye on suspected aggressive drivers.


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