New Design and Link Revisions

I’ve been contemplating another change to my blog lately. I thought the old design was nice, but I don’t always want The Trucking Blog to reflect trucking all the time. Sounds a little confusing since this is a trucking blog and the features and posts to this blog should reflect trucking in some way.

Sometimes when we take our break or are off duty, it is nice to remove ourselves from the trucking world and direct our attention towards online entertainment, a good book, a movie or even a tv show. In the coming weeks and months I will be searching for alternative items to link as I come across those websites.

This week I have been running California and the stresses it takes to run this state make me want to get out of the truck permanently. I am glad I don’t have to deal with California on a regular basis. Hence, I think this is why the changes and focus of my blog will be changing soon. I hope you like the new design and find the blog helpful and useful.


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