Manual Log Books vs. Computer Log Books

It struck me as funny about a conversation I had recently with my terminal manager about allowing the drivers to use “computer log books” on our laptops versus the old, outdated, manual log books we are all very familiar with.

He asked me how the computer log books worked and if they were legal. I mentioned most of the positive features using Drivers Daily Log by F. Roland “Nick” Bjorklund. I took the time to explain the ease of use, the error checking, the log reporting and error checking features of the program. I even mentioned that the Safety / Log Auditor could download a program to check driver records and keep track of driver status. The software even has a feature that allows the driver to e-mail his daily work record to the home office for quick and efficient record keeping by the Log Department.

After a long conversation and demonstration about the software, my boss said it wasn’t possible for me to use my DDL software at this company. Of course I was surprised, and disappointed to say the least. I have made DDL a daily part of my life for the better part of two years now. I can accurately keep track of my log book, records, odometer readings, truck service intervals, etc., etc. I politely asked why I wasn’t able to use DDL at my current company and got a rather peculiar answer back. My boss said the program was too easy, made record keeping easier, was neat and tidy and that if I used the program, the company owner might like it too much and make it mandatory for all 50 or so drivers in the company to use it! This was the honest to God answer that I got! What a testimonial! Even from a person who has never used the DDL software.

I am including Nick’s link to his award winning DDL software without endorsement nor sponsorship. I believe in his software too much not to share it with the blogging community. I still have to pay the $99 for my copy of DDL, but what a worth while piece of software it is!


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