Trucking in the "Real" world!

It’s a nice refreshing change working out of Seattle. Seattle is a big city, but the people are friendly and the weather has been great. It never ceases to amaze me that driving a big truck in Seattle isn’t as difficult as one might imagine. I spent several years driving the streets and freeways of Southern California and it’s just not the same. In LA, I always found it difficult to maneuver in and out of traffic. It always seemed like someone was trying to get that same precious piece of real estate on the freeway and block your access from changing lanes.

I am astonished by the courtesy and laid back attitude by most Seattle drivers. When I am trying to merge into another lane, I apply my turn signal and 99% of the time, the car behind me takes notice, slows down and allows me to merge.

My first trip took me to Lewiston, Idaho, then back to the yard in Seattle. I have been on trips to Spokane, the local Seattle area and a trip to Bend, Oregon. The first week I averaged a total of 1500 miles, but I get paid by the load and not the mile. What a change! I am actually at home during the week a couple nights and I have the weekends off! I couldn’t ask for much more in a driving job.

Once in awhile, you come across a good job. Just when I was thinking about hanging up my career as a CDL driver, this job came along. I have met the owner of the company and I am quite impressed with his company. With any luck, I’ll have a great job to look forward to in the coming years!



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