Petro Spokane NOW OPEN!

I was speaking to the night manager of the Petro in Spokane, Washington and he gave me a little information about the newest truckstop in the Petro chain.

The Petro Truck Stop in Spokane, Washington is located on Interstate 90 at Exit 272. It opened to the public on October 3rd, 2006. The Spokane Petro single handedly doubled the truck parking space in Spokane. They offer 200, full length truck parking spaces. The Petro offers all of the conveniences associated with the chain of other Petro’s nationwide. They offer a full maintenance shop with oil change and tire change capabilities. Petro’s signature Iron Skillet Restaurant is a favorite with the locals already and truckers alike. In addition to the restaurant, Subway has an outlet inside the truck stop. Petro has all of the conveniences of home away from home including a full C-store, shower facilities, game room, TV/Movie lounge, laundry facilities and plenty of lighted parking. The building has a nice, northwest feel to it. It resembles a log cabin with ornamental rock that gives it the “outdoorsman” type feel. I am sure it will be a favorite stopping point for truckers and travelers on their way east or west towards Seattle. The Spokane Petro is only a 5 1/2 hour drive from downtown Seattle and Kent, Washington.

Last week Diesel prices at the Spokane Petro were at $2.899 per gallon, U.S. Fuel is still pricey in eastern Washington, but when the Petro opened it’s doors, it brought down fuel prices in the area about .20 cents. The only other major competitor in the business has been the Broadway Flying J in Spokane, Post Falls and Ellensberg, Washington. This has caused diesel prices to remain high and filling your rig very expensive. Spokane welcomes the Petro to the area and we look forward to lower fuel prices and a nicer truck stop to grace our freeway!



  1. Do you ever answer your e-mail? I asked what the purpose of this “blog” is – are you getting paid by Petro to advertise their new location? What is your experience in the industry? Why did you start blogging?

  2. Hey Grumpy,

    Sorry I didn’t get to your e-mail sooner, I’ve been adjusting to the new job and I’ve been unable to check my e-mail on a regular basis.

    The purpose of my blog is to share experiences on the road, observations and other trucking related information I feel might be useful to other truck drivers. No, Petro does not pay me to advertise their new site. I just made a point that the long awaited truck stop is now open. Spokane is terrible for truck parking and high fuel prices. It is nice to see competition from another company besides the Flying J franchise in the Spokane area.

    I have been an OTR truck driver and regional truck driver since June of 1998. I have had a web design business on the side since 1996. Since my main career is a truck driver, I decided to start a trucking blog about a year ago when blogging was gaining popularity. Since my blog is seen by hundreds of visitors per week from around the world, I decided to point out helpful hints about trucking in the Northwest. If I learn about a new law or local buzz that might be of interest to the general trucking community, I’ll pass the information on.

    Currently, I drive primarily the Northwest states delivering supplies to home improvement stores in the Northwest. I hope that you find my blog useful and informative. Thanks for leaving a comment!


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