It’s Sunday, Can we talk Sports?

I thought since it was Sunday, I could talk a little sports. My focus today isn’t on Nascar, nor is on the dismal performance of the US Ryder Cup Golf Team who lost to the European team again! No, I’d like to give a big “atta boy” to Trevor Hoffman of the MLB Team, San Diego Padres! Trevor doesn’t seem to get any attention. With the likes of “newcomer” David Wells to the team and the great catcher Mike Piazza, Trevor sits just outside of the limelite. I think Mr. Hoffman is one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history. Sure, you can talk about greats like Clemens or Johnson, but Trevor Hoffman is the “Cal Ripken, Jr.” of pitching. He has consistancy, dedication and a great role model for younger generation players. Who else could you play AC/DC’s Hell’s Bell’s to every time they came into the game. If you haven’t experienced a “Trevor Hoffman” entry, what a sight!

Trevor Hoffman is about to make MLB history! Last night he got his 42nd save of the season and ties an all time record of 478 saves! Trevor along could be the biggest reason for the San Diego Padres success this year. I first took notice of this phenomenon about 10 years ago when I lived in San Diego. I have been attending Padres games for the past 30 years and I can truly say that I am a lifelong fan. Sure I live in Seattle now, but what has Bill B. given the Mariners? A lot of Southern California headaches if you ask me! But that’s a subject for another time and place.

Thank you Trevor for many years of dedication and great baseball. Even if the Padres are loosing, it’s still fun to watch him perform his magic! Good luck in the playoffs and I hope to see the team in the World Series!


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