Job Search Techniques for Experienced Drivers

Trying to find a good Truck Driving job can be a frustrating experience at times. I have seen many job listing services, job boards and resume services come and go over the past few years. With the advent of the internet job search, one could very easily narrow down job opportunities from the comfort of the home. No more wasting time driving from job site to job site looking for that perfect job. Create an online resume, write a well crafted cover page, provide an e-mail address and a phone number and wait for the calls to come streaming in. But wait, it’s not always that easy.

I have searched for jobs using several online search engines. I have used everything from, and even the local edition of the newspaper online. These can be good sources of information and job listings, but be careful. The never ending lists of “Work from Home” companies, MLM companies and various other “Get Rich Quick” schemes love to use the large job search engines to “recruit” more prospective job searchers than I can shake a stick at. The most prolific scheme seems to be the never ending e-mails, phone calls and letters from Insurance Companies who claim I have the skills to become the next manager of their local insurance office! If they need “warm bodies” that bad, they must have a product no one really wants or needs. I have run across job listings that if you are breathing and have a pulse, you were the next candidate for CEO!

On the flip side to this dilemma, a potential job candidate might be able to pick and choose the companies for which they are genuinely interested in applying. If you have time and patience, you can pretty much figure out who is legitimate and who isn’t. My biggest complaint with online job listings is that the prospective employer doesn’t even have the courtesy of sending applicants a reply, much less a phone call. I recently applied for a low paying truck driving job and the guy finally gave me a call about a week and a half after I submitted my resume. Or take the company I recently submitted a resume to and left numerous messages, e-mails and phone calls without a reply. If a person calls you a dozen times and attempts to get in touch with you for an interview, don’t you think it is polite to return the call?

It appears that having experience in a job and using old techniques of getting a job just doesn’t work anymore, especially with the “job farms” or profit hungry “head hunters” found so prevalently on the internet. You need to have a game plan or strategy when searching for a new career online. Have all your information at hand, update your resume weekly and search all the job search engines. Not all employers use the same techniques of finding quality job candidates.If you are an experienced truck driver looking for work, I would suggest trying your local government state job service agency. It seems that employers still like to place a job locally and get local talent to apply for their jobs. I have had tremendous success in finding truck driving jobs using the local state job service. The jobs are usually a little higher paying, offer benefits and offer job security. The state job service acts like the Better Business Bureau. If you follow the rules, don’t rip anyone off and offer a superb service, the more likely the legitimate companies will still be around. If you live in the greater Washington state area, I might suggest you try your job hunt by starting on the Washington Job Service website. You can access their job search page by clicking the following link HERE. If you do not live in Washington, you can still search for local, regional and national jobs from their site. They have links to other state job service agencies and have free tools to post a resume to their site. Nothing to buy, no subscriptions or fees, their site is 100% free to the job applicant. Check it out!


PS….. Professional companies such as Safeway Stores, Wal-Mart and other large trucking operations list jobs on the Washington Job Service quite often. These jobs are usually higher paying, allow you to be at home more often and offer substantial benefits. Be careful of the online truck driver search engines too. Most of these services are good, but usually cater to the inexperienced, rookie, recent graduate drivers. Stick local and get better results.

(Author is a 9 year veteran of the road. He has driven OTR, Local and regionally pulling 53’s, 48’s, Doubles, Rockey Mountain Sets, A-Trains, Refers and Vans. He has several years experience driving the winter routes throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California. He was a paid firefighter in California for several years and has his FAE certification with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Contact author by clicking HERE.)


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