Train vs. Truck Video

I don’t mean to make light of the video I posted yesterday showing a CRST truck crossing against a flashing red railroad crossing in Chicago. In light of the seriousness of the crash, I understand why DOT stiffened the penalties for railroad crossing violations.

I wonder what the driver of the truck was thinking? I wonder if he was pre-occupied with tuning his radio or just zoned out. I can’t imagine crossing a railroad crossing without looking both ways. It’s almost as being a child crossing a street. We were all taught to look both ways before crossing. The crossing guard may not have been working, but it is still always a good idea to look for any oncoming train. It was very fortunate that the truck was apparently empty. I am not sure what would have happened if the truck was loaded with a heavy load or hazmat. Would a light commuter train faired as well? There are always a lot of “what if’s”. I am thankful that no one was seriously injured in this train wreck.

If the driver of the CRST truck is still employed as a CDL driver, I hope that he or she learned their lesson. Never underestimate the power of a fully loaded locomotive and never try to outrun a train in a big truck, or any vehicle for that matter.

It would have made life a little easier for that driver if they would have at least looked for a train coming. No load is worth a life. The ultimate moral of the story is that this truck never made it to the shipper, it never did pick up it’s load. It’s better to be a few minutes late than not showing up at all.


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  1. This guy should have lost his liscence. It was WAY beyond apparent how close the train was by the time the truck reached the crossing. It is amazing that no one way killed!!! I hope at least the company had to pay for the clean up and isurance claims for all of the afected drivers, and the damage to the train. This kind of crap is INEXUSABLE. I don’t care if he had a heart for a patient that was about to die. Like you said, no load is worth a life. I this case, about 8-10 lives.

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